International Conference

October 9-11, 2019, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova



Iolanta BALAN - Conference Secretary

Institute of Chemistry
3, Academiei str., MD-2028,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Phone: (+373 22) 739649
Fax: (+373 22) 739954


Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lecture Sessions will take place at the A. Lupan Central Scientific Library, 5A, Academiei str. (nearby Institute of Chemistry). All other Working in Sessions will take place at the Institute of Chemistry (3, Academiei str.) and A. Lupan Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. These Conference venues are accessible by trolley-buses 3, 9, 10, 13, 24 (the destination stop is called DOKUCHYAEV str.) and trolley-bus 2 (the destination stop is called KOROLENKO str.)

The program comprises Plenary Lectures (L) of 20 min and Oral Presentations (O) of 10 min, including time for discussions. Name of presenting Author is underlined. The overhead projector and PC with Power Point facilities will be available for presentations.

The Participants are invited to put their posters on display (posters should not exceed 90 cm in width and 100 cm in height). The number on the poster board corresponds to number of presentation in the Book of Abstracts.


On Wednesday, October 9, from 12:00 till 18:00 the Registration/Information Desk will be available in the Main hall the Institute of Chemistry (3, Academiei str.) and on Thursday, October 10, from 8:00 till 9:00 in the Main hall of the A. Lupan Central Scientific Library (5A, Academiei str). All members of the Organizing Committee are ready to help you in case of any problems or questions.


Trolleybuses, buses, and minibuses are cheap, 2 and 3 MDL (Moldavian lei), respectively. They all operate from 6:00 till 24:00. Tickets for buses and trolleybuses should be purchased on board the vehicle. Minibus tickets are bought from the driver. Taxis may be ordered using the following numbers in Chişinău:

14 004 (Taxi-Favorit)

14 100 (Maestro)

14 474 (TaxiCab)

14 005 (Avida)

14 222 (Meridian)

14 499 (Regal)

14 008 (TaxiService)

14 400 (Municipal)

14 999 (Star)

14 009 (Diplomat)

14 441(Metro)


Welcome party (included in the fee) and lunch (5 euros/person/day) in café “Crizantema” (nearby Institute of Chemistry). The participants may buy lunch tickets upon registration. Coffee and tea will be served during coffee breaks between scientific sessions. Number of cafeterias is also available in the neighborhood of the Institute of Chemistry.


The weather in October in Chişinău is usually pleasant, with temperatures within 15-20°C. However, rain is always possible, so an umbrella, light raincoat and comfortable shoes are advisable. For weather forecast please visit websites:


The Moldavian Lei (MDL) is the only legal currency in the Republic of Moldova. Foreign currency exchange is available at the airport, in banks, in some hotels and in exchange offices. To check the exchange rate, please address to: