Abstract Preparation

The official language of the Conference will be  English. No translation facilities are provided. Original fundamental and applied works will be submitted. Only the communications containing novel unpublished and significant results will be accepted.

The abstracts presented for the publication shall meet the following conditions:

1. Abstract form is an A4 page with 2,5 cm borders.
2. Use 12 points Times New Roman font, one line space.
3. Title, author's names, and affiliations (with addresses) should be centered.
4. The title should be written in bold capital letters.
5. The author's affiliation and full address should be given in italics.
6. The name of the key-speaker should be underlined.
7. The references to literature within the text should be placed in square brackets and sited at the bottom of the abstract.

Tables and figures: pictures and diagram must be reproduced in black and white and easily legible for photografic reproduction.
Abbreviations: to be used only for common terms. For uncommon terms the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word.

The participants of the conference are also invited to present a full paper of their communications to be published in a forthcoming issue of Chemistry Journal of Moldova,  which will be consecrated to the works of the conference. Please, consult the journal website for further information.